07 February 2005

Go For It, Superman!

Good news, everyone! My other comic is straight up Magical Adventures in Space. It is the 90s now, we need to get used to things changing and becoming more different.


Blogger ModernMortal said...

Will you still be doing Overcompensating?!

7/2/05 15:12  
Blogger PlotlessViolence said...

I think we all saw this coming: I mean, Superman was always dangerously passive-aggressive, and we all had to pretend we couldn't see through the dumbest disguise in the world for years just to avoid angering him. Thank G-d Batman's got 10 buttloads of Kryptonite.

PS: Your team lost the election (which is why we're all still alive). Get over it.

7/2/05 15:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7/2/05 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


J. Ro is on a team of his own. The team of pure godliness. Just enjoy the damn comic, or at least don't post your own passive-aggressive comments.

7/2/05 16:08  
Blogger jeffrey rowland said...

Um I am on TEAM USA where George Bush is the president. He is the guy you punch out first when you want to start destroying everything with fire breath. That is the joke of the cartoon.

7/2/05 17:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See Jeff? This is what happens when you dip into politics. I suggest that something less politicsy in the future. Yeah. That's it.

7/2/05 17:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like regular slob Superman.

7/2/05 18:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Superman is just a grammar punk who thinks that "stratergerficratin'" is contracromulant. And him and Brian Boitano need to get together on this magical fire breath thing. Is it even canonical vis the XY of 4130?

7/2/05 18:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, Jeff! Don't you know that George Bush is friends with Jesus!? You can't make fun of a guy who is friends with Jesus! He won the election because he is a great guy, and not at all because he's really good at lying to dumb people.

7/2/05 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was the greatest comic ever.

And Jeff, you do realise that the new batch of comic still say "2004", right?

7/2/05 18:13  
Blogger Doctor Sinister said...


You deceptive electronics-based humour-oriented graphical narrator!

And why not the Phantom?

7/2/05 21:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ack! Cursed Jeff, because of this comic, that Joan Osborne song's been stuck in my head all day! Why, why, WHY torture us this way?!?!?

7/2/05 22:04  
Blogger emily said...

what is god smoked cannabus- weird al spoof

7/2/05 23:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's everything I was hoping for!

I am secretly in love with Topato.

8/2/05 01:02  
Blogger Grue said...

Even people here on Team USA acknowledge G-Bu's love of makin' up fancy words that don't exist. I do it all the time. Just like 'spawesome' which means 'specially awesome. :o

8/2/05 01:34  
Blogger Big Banana said...

Just another example of the left-wing media co-ed getting her panties in a knot.

I used to be a fan, but I think I'm going to read some Firefly fanfic instead from now on.

Try to be a little more American.

8/2/05 04:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Princess becoming more, oh so much more, attractive with time or am I developing a crush?

She does seem kinda dangerous though.

8/2/05 05:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait. I don't remember Superman having fire breath. Did he borrow it from Godzilla?

8/2/05 08:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comic is fucking awesome! When will superman get off his lazy ass and start handling important shit like this president the way you wrote in the comic? The fire breath is classic.

P.S. Don't let anyone stop you from doing political stuff just because they can't take a joke. I am so sick of pathetic rebuplicans complaining about some political oriented cartoon that has no effect on the actual political process. Jesus, you people already won the election and have a majority in both the house and senate, shut the fuck up.

-Jonny L.

8/2/05 08:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that Magical Adventures in Space is it's own entity is the lady pony from your painting going to make any appearances?

8/2/05 09:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff's on the team that works to remind me of the horrors of my childhood music collection.

8/2/05 09:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8/2/05 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jonny L.

I'm just wondering why GOPers are so sensitive about people making fun of Bush ... I mean, don't they have confidence in his abilities?

I ignored jokes about Clinton for years. I tolerated the talk about Clinton "wagging the dog" with his "distraction tactics" when he was going after Bin Laden.

Thank God Bin Laden wasn't a real threat!!!

But I digress. Have confidence in your leader.
Let the opposing party show a lack of confidence in him.

Besides, if you can't laugh at yourselves, are you really secure? (That was a pun, get it? :)

8/2/05 10:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meester Banana -- I happen to be a left-leaning moderate type who happens to enjoy the works of Charlie Daniels, Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Bruce Willis, and other right-leaning entertainers and artists. When they step up in the public eye and make statements and express their political beliefs, I don't really find it necessary to say "oh, I guess I can't like listening to this person's music anymore" or whatnot. I prefer to shrug it off. That way, I don't deprive myself of those things I enjoy. Tolerance of others' beliefs and opinions IS the American way.

Meester Jeff -- great comics all the way around! I only read one "live journal", and that's the one written by Peter David and the one drawn by you -- TWO "live journals"! Peter David's, yours, and T. Campbell's -- THREE "life jour"... oh, bugger this...


8/2/05 10:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't get the joke until Jeff explained it

8/2/05 11:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i laugh at both sides. isnt humor the best form of criticism? what could possibly be more american than to criticise the government. criticize both major parties and all the independents. but if you're gonna do it, do it intelligently and humorously. that way it is more entertaining to exercise your rights. woot.


8/2/05 12:08  
Blogger Grue said...

Team USA does fancy a good chuckle at its own expense now and again. However, when the jokes don't stop coming, and are always, "OMG liek u r so incompetent go awayz" it gets a bit annoying. It's like someone making fun of your mother, it's just not something you tolerate quite so often. When the jokes are funny, though, that's cool. Like Superman beating someone up and flaming the press, or your mother's rear is so plentiful, she can afford to donate a lot of it to charities of people whose posteriors are not 'booty-ful'. >_>

8/2/05 12:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one out there who didn't think this comic had any political leanings and just thought it was hilariously funny for what it is? Come on - Superman don't take shit from no one, and he punched the president through the wall so that he could start breathing fire. Comedy gold!

P.S. I want to be a cowboy poet too

8/2/05 12:40  
Blogger PlotlessViolence said...

My roommate, P, had this theory that Superman was a Commie because he was named "The Man of Steel" (Stalin), flew around in a red cape, acted as a Vanguard, and never charged money for his services. I guess this little rampage (plus his liberal leanings) seals the deal.

8/2/05 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think GWB has built a massive mechanized suit, similar to Batmans from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, to defeat the Terrorist from Krypton, the invasion of his fortress of solitude (lousy with rape rooms)is slated for March.

8/2/05 13:19  
Blogger colin roald said...

But what about the Platypus? Goth Dachsund and Hooch Girl are my special friends, way more than that meanie Topato.

Does this mean TV Network Channel was an experiment that has ended, or are we just watching a 'Magical Adventures In Space' cartoon this week? It is 'specially confusing because Wigu used to watch 'Magical Adventures In Space' on TV Network Channel back when Wigu was about Wigu.

Damn you, Rowland, you and your unpredictable postmodern ways!

8/2/05 14:33  
Blogger Big Banana said...

Man it was just a joke dudes I don't even live in America, it was a PARODYS. I was pretending to be one of those jerks who posts comments on!!!!

You should come to my country no one gives a crap about politics because we know all the parties are the same! That's why I am voting Superman for president and vice president Jimmy Olsen! Superman is from the midwest so he will "get out the vote".


8/2/05 16:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's "contracromulent." Hope this helps.

8/2/05 18:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meester Banana -- Then I'm foolish for falling for your little scheme! O.O Thanks for luring me out, however... it can never be said enough, that it's silly to try to punish people for voicing their opinions. :)


9/2/05 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm just glad that we are all still alive, and I want to thank Pres Bush for protecting us from the Zorgonians.

9/2/05 11:43  
Blogger hal said...

"Wait. I don't remember Superman having fire breath. Did he borrow it from Godzilla?"

Ice breath and heat vision. Also: faster than a speeding bullet [sometimes faster than light], more powerful than a locomotive, and able to fly. Also: invulnerable.

9/2/05 11:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

superman rules! kicking Republicans in arse since 19something

11/2/05 01:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy oh boy, superman breathing fire always gets a giggle out of me. I have no idea why, it just does.

3/4/05 18:20  

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